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Australian Energy Research Laboratories

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Australian Solar Industries (ASI) first started using Australian Energy Research Laboratories (AERL) products in 1985 for solar water pumping and solar battery charge controlling applications.

We conducted field testing of AERL controllers for these applications, and found the AERL products to be high-performing and robust in the most extreme conditions.  ASI has used AERL products exclusively for those applications since that time.

Brian CookeAustralian Solar Industries

We have been purchasing and installing products from AERL for at least 30 years.  Their products have always been extremely reliable in some very remote locations, which is an absolute must in our industry.

Even though we and our customers are located in the USA, AERL’s tech support and customer support is always very responsive whenever we need assistance.  They are a pleasure to work with.

David LauzonNorthern Arizona Wind & Sun